Can alcohol be served?

  • Yes, only by an approved caterer with a current ABC license. please see our Alcohol Policy to see during which times and under what circumstances alcohol can be served.

Are cash bars permitted?

How many people can the facility accommodate?

Can we bring our own food?

How far in advance can I make a reservation?

Can someone bring their own AV equipment?

Where are the closest places to stay?

Does your facility provide accessibility or ADA accommodations?

What are your hours?

  • Hours of operation are: Sun - Thu, 7am - 9pm and Fri - Sat, 7am - midnight. Please see the Rental Time section of our General Policy for additional details.

Can I bring my own caterer?

  • CCACC has specific rules for catering services. You may only use caterers that have been approved by CCACC. A list of these caterers can be found on our website under the Vendors section. If you would like to use your own caterer, the caterer must go through our approval process. Caterers seeking approval may go to this link to complete the process.

Do I need to provide insurance for my event?

  • We ask that everyone furnish a certificate of insurance. For events involving alcohol the caterer must provide an additional $1 million dollar liquor liability policy. Please see the Insurance section of the General Policy for additional details.

What happens if my event is cancelled due to inclement weather?

  • The client and CCACC are released from contractual obligations if your event is cancelled due to inclement weather. The client will also be entitled to a refund. Please see the Inclement Weather section of our General Policy for additional information.

What is the procedure for cancelling an event?

  • Appropriate notice must be given to CCACC staff in order to cancel an event . Please see the Cancellation section of our General Policy for details.

How many handicapped parking spaces are offered at CCACC?

  • Six (6) spaces for regular-size vehicles and two (2) spaces for vans, a total of eight (8).